Gabriel Martinez provides personal training services in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, Long Island City Queens, and Harlem. Each training program is custom tailored to each clients fitness goals and needs. Training can be done in your own home or home gym, in a private personal training studio, or outdoors.

Personal Training Package Details

Each Personal training package is custom designed to each client and includes:

1. Complimentary fitness assessment.
2. Custom Program design.
3. Off day workout plan for faster results.
4. Nutritional Coaching.

Personal Training Results

My clothes are fitting better. I see more definition and feel more comfortable wearing tighter clothes. For the first time in years I feel sore and I workout hard so for the first time in years somebody has been able to push me to be sore. That makes me feel like its working. I recommend everyone to try Personal Training with Gabriel.

I lost 20 pounds working with Gabriel I a lot more energy, I sleep better, I eat better, my job performance is better. Overall my total performance is better. My clothes fit incredibly better. he is a lot of fun to work with and you want to push your self to the limit because of his energy.

I feel like I’m getting tighter and I’m definitely on my way to transforming my body. The workouts are fun, we mix it up with cardio, weights, TRX, and lots of abs and core. I reccomend anyone train with Gabriel because he makes it comfortable and fun.