About Personal Training

What if you could get the body of your dreams with out using pricey workout equipment, or having expensive gym membership? Gabriel Martinez specializes in bodyweight training that can be done anywhere in your own home, Outdoors, or in a private training studio in NYC. Personal Training workouts consist of using your own body to sculpt, tone, and shape every part of your entire body. If you want to have a complete top to bottom training system and the best coaching in your own private space contact GDM Fitness today.

Do want to know where you stand in terms of overall physical ability? Each training program comes with an in depth personal trainer assessment. The assessment is a series of evaluations designed to test your cardiovascular endurance, strength, power and flexibility. These evaluations are done so we can establish a base marker to measure your over all progress. With the personal trainer assessment you will know what your own physical abilities and limitations are and how to progress to become a stronger fitter you. If you are a new client, get in touch with Gabriel for a complimentary fitness assessment along with a personal training session.

Training can be done in locations in and around New York City such as, Midtown, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Chelsea, Financial District, etc. You can train in your home, residential gym, office, or come to a local private NYC training studio. Personal training sessions can be scheduled as early as 5am and as late as 10pm Gabriel is available to meet with you at flexible times in multiple locations so that you can get results based around your busy schedule.

Each personal training program includes:

  • Complimentary personal trainer assessment and first workout.
  • A fitness regimen designed for your goals and fitness level.
  • “Off-Day” programs so you can get faster results.
  • Workouts for when you travel so you can continue getting results.
  • Complete flexibility and stretching routine designed for your own body.
  • Nutritional guidelines to help you make smarter eating choices.

About Personal Training Workouts

Gabriel Martinez created his personal training program through countless of hours spent training himself, athletes, and sedentary average Joe’s without any equipment utilizing just bodyweight exercises. This program represents his dream of creating the perfect all encompassing bodyweight workout that is fully balanced, hardcore, effective and safe for everyone. The workouts will improve your athletic performance, burn buckets of fat, and help you make a total body transformation by design. If your goal is to enhance every single aspect of your body’s shape and fitness level than Gabriel Martinez has created this program just for for you!

Gabriel believes everyone should perform physical activity at least six days per week to keep fit and see rapid consistent results. There are six basic themes of workouts so your results can be structured and consistent. The six basic kinds of workouts are core workouts, lower body workouts, upper body workouts, total body workouts, flexibility workouts, and cardiovascular conditioning workouts. By splitting the workouts into six basic types there is always something to do on every single day of the week with one resting day included. This means you wan get results every single day without the fear from over doing it from multiple total body workouts.

For the client who is too busy to train more than two or three times per week the workouts still follow the same format except they are combined into multiple focus points. For example instead of doing just a lower body workout you will also focus on another area such as upper body, and core. Having multiple focus points allows us to hit the entire body systematically each week regardless to how much time or availability you have to do personal training. Each workout will be tailored to fit your specific needs and goals as a client while at the same time having a basic underlying structure that is proven, tried, and true for all human beings.

If you are ready to start getting in to the best shape of your life contact GDM Fitness below!

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Personal Training Results

“GDM Fitness is an excellent and professional Personal Training Service. They understands the complexities in personal training and deliver results. I decided to work with Gabriel on the subject of fat loss through nutritional coaching. I can safely say that the nutritional coaching services work. Within the first 2 days of being on this program I lost half an inch off my waist. Within 2 weeks I had lost a full inch and a quarter. I was actually gaining muscle and losing body fat at the sametime by following his nutrition techniques. I recommend Gabriel to any person, athlete, or professional who is struggling with their diet in achieving that lean rock hard look.”


“Working with Gabriel has changed my life! I have lost 20lbs and toned my body more than I thought was possible. Before I met Gabe I was working out twice per week with a personal trainer and I have to say my results were mediocre at best. Within the first few weeks of working with Gabriel I made so much progress in my body I couldn’t resist booking him for six months in advance. So far it has been 8 months, I can see my abdominals, My thigh and butt muscles are defined, my back is amazing, my arms are fantastic. The compliments I receive on my body on a daily basis are all because of Gabe’s personal training and nutrition coaching services. Anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who delivers extreme results should hire Gabriel. He is truly an amazing trainer.”


“I was referred to Gabriel by a friend of a friend and honestly did not know what to expect because I had never had a Personal Trainer before. He came to my Upper East Side apartment building two times per week and made me work hard. I was shocked when within 30 days I weighed in a whole 10 pounds lighter! I like the fact that Gabriel keeps his UES Personal Training services fun. He keeps me interested because we are always doing new things. So far I have seen a total weight loss of 15lbs and my strength and stamina have all increased. I’m exited to see results as I continue to train with him.”

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Personal Training Locations in NYC


Upper East Side

Thrive Studio NYC – Personal Training Studio

152 East 74th St FL 1 (between Lexington Ave & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10021

Thrive NYC Personal Training Studio in Upper East Side

Thrive Studio NYC is an independently owned boutique style training studio creatively molded into a two story townhouse. My favorite part about this personal training studio is that it combines traditional resistance training aspects with new age technology such as TRX Suspension Training. While other gyms are going fully functional with purely suspension training and minimal weight training gear, Thrive Studio finds the balance. Awesome now I can finally super set barbell squats with single leg TRX Pistol Squats ;-). This two floor studio is equipped with TRX Suspension Trainers, the best weight training machinery, and a low key private atmosphere. Perfect for any professional.

Upper East Side

Exceed Fitness – Personal Training Studio

1477 3rd Ave New York, NY 10028

upper east side personal training exceed physical culture studio

Exceed Fitness Upper East Side Personal Training. This two-floor, 4,800-square foot space was designed for the fitness enthusiast looking for a focused, less conventional workout. Designed under the guidance of top NYC Personal Trainers to provide a workout space that is not only cutting edge but also far more advanced than your average every day gym or personal training studio. this studio provides a welcoming facility for personal trainers and and clients. The space has one fitness studio, monkey bars, ropes, suspension training balance balls, an indoor sled and track, and cardio equipment to provide customers with a very personalized and highly advanced workout experience.

Midtown NYC

NY Underground Gym – Personal Training Studio
440 West 57th Street (between 9 & 10 Ave) New York City, NY 10019
NY Underground Personal Training Studio in Midtown

NY Underground Fitness is an exclusive gym that is conducive to an intense, focused workout in an atmosphere where the etiquette is uncharacteristically pleasing. You finally have a place that encourages a ‘no nonsense, all business’ approach towards exercise while maintaining a ‘comfortable and friendly’ environment that caters to people of all levels of fitness. Designed With Serious Training In Mind this gym is clean and aesthetically pleasing yet tough enough provide a killer fitness experience. Suitable for personal trainers and clients of all levels.

Tribeca NYC

Tribeca Health and Fitness – Personal Training Studio
107 Chambers Street New York, NY 10007

Tribeca Personal Training health and fitness studio

Tribaca Health and Fitness is a modern 10000-square foot gym facility that welcomes personal trainers and their clients unlike most commercialized gyms. This gym is equipped with free weights, machines, squat racks, TRX, a large private studio, and stretching – massage area. It is an ideal gym for any client and trainer.