Central Park Boot Camp

 Central Park Boot Camp in NYC

No weights no machines just intense outdoor training in central park. Working out should always be fun, challenging, and get you pumped. The Central Park Boot Camp is a high intensity training program that will kick your butt each and every time. The exercises used in this boot camp stem from martial arts, sports drills, military training, and the good old hard core basics of fitness training that most of the world has forgotten.  The drills and exercises done are designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone all of your major areas especially the butt, legs, midsections and arms. You will always be sore each and every time. Our legs and ab workouts are unbeatable and no other program will leave your buns struggling to sit on the toilet. Come join us any time for a workout that will build your body, strengthen your mind, and release the stress in your life.

How the Central Park Boot Camp started

Do You want a fitter, stronger, healthier and more attractive body? Of course you do that’s why I (Gabe) created this outdoor training program. I enjoy working with people who are on a mission to change their bodies and stay strong because I am also on that mission. I began training outdoors as a teen when I did not have a gym membership and got into the best shape of my life simply by performing all kinds of fun body weight, bar, and boot camp style workouts. Eventually I joined a gym and became a personal trainer but it was not the same as the outdoors. After a few satisfactory years of working as a slave in the fitness industry I quit my gym job and started personal training outdoors in 2010. That was the best decision I ever made and I have had a blast thus far with the Central Park Boot Camp.

Why join the Central Park Boot Camp?

Outdoor training provides the ultimate variety because you are not limited to the tools you have in the gym, you are limited to the natural environment and your imagination. This creates an open mind to the kinds of exercises that will be performed during the workout. I cant tell you how many times I am in a gym feeling lazy so I just choose a machine or exercise I am comfortable with and mindlessly perform repetitions with minimal results. The body does not respond to comfort and monogamy, it responds to variety, challenge, focus and intensity. This outdoor training program is for individuals who desire that variety and sense of fun while working out. Do you want to spend your time in a iron dungeon playing with boring machines and complicated weights? or would you rather spend an hour in Central Park kicking ass and having a blast?

What are the Boot Camp workouts like?

For a typical 6:30pm class we meet about 5-10 minutes before the start time of the boot camp. We head in to Central Park and get set up at exactly 6:30 and we do not wait. The warm up starts exactly at 6:40 and consists of dynamic stretching to warm the body for exercises. the full blown workout begins at 6:50 and consists of three to four exercise circuits usually consisting of three to four different exercises performed consecutively with no resting. A sample workout circuit would go like this…

You may think this workout is short but we get a lot of work done in 30 minutes before the cool down. If you are used to working out for an entire hour or more you will be amazed at how much more work you can get done in 30 minutes. Cool down starts at 720 and involves static relaxed stretching and yoga movements to increase your flexibility even further.

Once the workout is complete its margaritas and bagels!!!…I’m joking :-p. But seriously… only join us If you seriously want to see a fitter sexier you when you look in the mirror because results are guaranteed from this killer class.

What kind of classes are there?

We do all kinds of boot camp style workouts but what makes us different is the focus. Each workout is not simply a generic total body class there is a purpose to each workout weather its working the butt, destroying the abs, or building strong arms and shoulders. Our classes have variety unlike some boot camp programs that just make you do the same or similar workout each time you attend. There is no plateau because each workout is dramatically different from the next and is always intense.

Here are just a few of the classes we have going on this year:

  • Butt Thighs and Abs – A class specifically shaping and sculpting the butt thighs and abs while at the same time burning tons of calories. Your butt will never be more sore from any other class I guarantee it!
  • The 6 Pack Workout – You will learn the fine points in developing a strong and sexy mid section. Focusing on building a strong set of abs this class will get you to 6 pack status if you perform the exercises learned here within your other personal routines.
  • Total Body Fat Loss  – A seriously intense killer fat loss workout. If you think you have had an intense fat loss workout before than think again. You will sweat and burn so much more fat off from this class than any generic weight loss class in existence.
  • Advanced Boot Camp – Are you an exercise enthusiast who is fit and just want to find a class that will actually kick your butt and not leave you feeling like you could have done much more? Or do you just love being put to the test? This is that class. We will take your cardio, strength, and stamina to a whole new level and you will be glad when we are done. Some people just enjoy being punished… This is that punishment ;-p


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Central Park Boot Camp Testimonials

I love Training with TRX

“After Training outdoors with the suspension training system and doing boot camp for only 4 weeks I feel so much stronger. My clothes can hardly fit, My body is much tighter, I can play better tennis, I have more strength and endurance and People tell me I look great all the time. I would recommend this program to anyone who want’s to get a hot body at any age. This stuff really works. Thanks Gabe!”

Enid Alvarez, EnidAlvarez.com


“The Central Park Boot Camp gave me a totally new body!”

Central Park Boot Camp

“I was referred to Gabriel by a friend of a friend and honestly did not know what to expect because I had never had a Personal Trainer before. He came to my Upper East Side apartment building two times per week and made me work hard. I was shocked when within 30 days I weighed in a whole 10 pounds lighter! I like the fact that Gabriel keeps his UES Personal Training services fun. He keeps me interested because we are always doing new things. So far I have seen a total weight loss of 15lbs and my strength and stamina have all increased. I’m exited to see results as I continue to train with him.”

Purcell Nurse, World Ventures


“I’m in better shape than I was 25 years ago.”


“Working with Gabriel has changed my life! I have lost 20lbs and toned my body more than I thought was possible. Before I met Gabe I was working out twice per week with a personal trainer and I have to say my results were mediocre at best. Within the first few weeks of working with Gabriel I made so much progress in my body I couldn’t resist booking him for six months in advance. So far it has been 8 months, I can see my abdominals, My thigh and butt muscles are defined, my back is amazing, my arms are fantastic. The compliments I receive on my body on a daily basis are all because of Gabe’s personal training and nutrition coaching services. Anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who delivers extreme results should hire Gabriel. He is truly an amazing trainer.”

Crystal B.


“The boot camp workouts are always intense and I’m always sore the next day!”

“I have been coming to the Upper East Side boot camp for a few months now and I can see my whole body changing, my arms, hips and thighs look great, I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and I think its a all around great workout if you want to get in shape and look great!

The workouts are always challenging and intense and I’m always sore the next day. They provide modifications for beginners all the way to advanced. I recommend this boot camp to anyone who wants to get in to bikini body shape and feel good about their body”



“My favorite part of this Boot Camp is the pushups because I’m always looking tighten and tone my arms.”

“”I enjoyed the intense body boot camp very much. The workout is super intense and you just cant help but sweat buckets each and every time. My favorite part of this workout is the pushups because I’m always looking to build strength and tighten and tone my arms. Even people who are very fit can benefit from this boot camp because it offers the kind of workout intensity a person needs to stay in shape and burn fat.

I would recommend this workout to anyone who wants to loose weight tone up and have fun. And anyone who is looking for that extra kick in the butt to jump start their workout routine into high gear.”

Jasmine R.


“In the beginning it was difficult to get through this without feeling defeated”

“My favorite part of the boot camp is the “Bupees” because I HATE Burpees! but it helps tone up my body more and gets every area. I have been coming since the summer and I have seen my level of endurance improve greatly. In the beginning it was difficult to get through this without feeling defeated but now I’m able to get through them. It’s still difficult but each time I’m stepping up my level of endurance. I’m getting stronger each time around.

I would recommend the Intense Body Boot Camp for people who are want to become fitter, and gain more stamina and energy from their workout program. The workouts keep challenging you no matter how many times you come to the class and that’s why they work!”

Tanisha Jones


“Even though I am fit and I consider my self fit this boot camp kicked my ass!”

“This boot camp is very intense I have seen other boot camps before but in here it looks like people are getting much more tired and sweating much more! This workout is very intense and my favorite part is the abdominal portion of the workout because I personally have difficulty trying to define my abs and I can tell that this is working.

I play a lot of sports and even though I am fit and I consider my self fit the intense body boot camp kicked my ass. I would recommend this boot camp to athletes who want to increase their stamina levels and have more endurance for their specific sports. Also to the person who want’s to obtain a set of rock hard abs”

Mirza H.


“GDM Fitness Personal Training exceeded my expectations”

“Outdoor training with Gabe helped me reach my goal of losing 15 pounds. We trained 2-3 times a week for four months and Gabriel gave me recommendations on how to adjust my diet to see the results quicker. It was not easy for me to stick to the new routine but my trainer encouraged me to believe in myself and stay on track.

Gabriel’s services surpassed my expectations. Not only did I lose fat but gained lean muscle mass and raised my strength and endurance levels. I never imagined being able to do 40 push ups in a row but now I do it just for fun to catch my friends off guard. I give full credit to Gabriel aka GDM Fitness for my new looks and fitness transformation.”

Natalia F.


I have seen major improvements in my entire body!

“After getting into a car accident and having severe spinal injury I thought it would be impossible to exercise and get back in shape without causing severe pain to my injuries.

Since working with GDM Fitness I have seen major improvement in my whole body. My injuries don’t ache as much, and my core is much stronger and I’m Fitter than ever. I would recommend GDM Fitness Personal training to anyone who wants to get stronger, look good and feel more attractive in their body.”

Kyung Eun D.


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