Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Knew from the age of 16 when he received his first health club membership across the street from his home that fitness and health would be his calling. His unique success story started in a tiny dingy old gym where he began lifting weights to shape his body to what he saw in his imagination as the perfect body. He had no money, and no map of where he was going. Just a focused and a clear picture of where he wanted to be. Now Gabriel Is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine the owner and founder of GDM Fitness. He has trained hundreds of people and helped them achieve their fitness goals. Start training with Gabriel and you will reach your fitness goals.

Gabriel began in the training industry in 2007 at the age of 19 as a personal trainer in a local NYC health club. Since then he has impacted the lives of countless individuals by making it his life mission to help people achieve a healthy fit lifestyle. He believes that the only thing a person needs to achieve any goal in life is to harness the power of the will of their own mind. From the great pyramids, to the tallest buildings, and most advanced technology; by mastering the power of thought anything is possible.

Gabriel has perused natural bodybuilding, martial arts, endurance sports cycling, and a host of other fitness hobbies. A true expert in fitness and nutrition; Gabriel has counseled many on their training and nutrition programs from athletes, bodybuilders all the way to the average person looking to shed some pounds. Gabriel is making major strides in his recently formed personal training business already building a clientele base in NYC.

Gabriel has been personal training since 2007 and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Gabriel is also certified in TRX Suspension Training and Spinning. Gabriel has experience working with groups of 5 -20 people for boot camp and core abdominal training. Since than he has trained over 100 people in one on one and group settings and is skilled with most types of clients.

Gabriel began his journey as a fitness instructor at the age of 19 with New York Sports Clubs teaching group fitness boot camp, abs classes and one on one training. He eventually made his way into Equinox and completed the Equinox Fitness Trainers Institute with Brent Bookbush Development Coach of B2C Fitness. After Equinox he explored employment at other high end gyms in NYC such as Clay and David Barton Gym for a very short time. Gabriel is now employed with American Leisure and runs his own Central Park Boot Camp classes in Spring and Summer.

Gabriel’s fitness specializations include Bodyweight training, boot camp, fat loss, bodybuilding and TRX Suspension Training. Also specializing in sports nutrition for weight loss and exercise performance he has exceptional skill in guiding clients towards the right eating habits for their goals. Gabriel’s client base mainly consists of women between 35-65 who want to get their body back, look good for events, weddings, photo shooting, and looking good at the beaches.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified Instructor
  • Mad Dog Spinning Instructor Certified