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Wednesday August 27 at 7:00pm Join Gabriel Martinez and Joseph Cosme for an intense bodyweight only conditioning workout that will chisel your midsection and help you get lean fast. This workout will be intense so get ready to go hard. This workout is to celebrate the new 2014 boot camp year with a killer workout for all of the group members and their friends! Join us for a fun intense workout. Find out more…

Personal Training in NYCPersonal Training can be done anywhere in New York City including the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, Downtown. More about working with a personal trainer

PageLines- OutdoorTraininginNYC.jpgFor people who want to get out of the house  workout one on one with a trainer to reach their fitness goals. More about outdoor personal training

PageLines- GabrielMartinezBootCamp.jpgA rapid fat loss group fitness program. This workout is designed to melt fat cells like candle wax. Find out more about the Intense Boot Camp

Outdoor Training in NYCTrain Gabriel Martinez all Spring and Summer long. Join the Free Outdoor Training NYC Meet-up Group.